• Consignors: 65% (minimum of 25 items)
  • Volunteers: earn up to 75%!! (see Volunteer Page)


  1. Consignors using our automated tagging system and also work 5 hrs receive 70%!! (volunteer meals excluded)​ 
  2. Consignors using our automated tagging system and also work 10 hrs receive 75%!! (volunteer meals excluded)
  3. Refer a friend and receive an additional 1% commission for each new consignor who consigns a minimum of 25 items.  Earn up to a maximum of 70% commission. (Required: email referrals to by Feb 28th to receive credit for higher commission.)  


DEADLINE TO REGISTER & COMPLETE AUTOMATED TAGS: Tues., Sept 11th @ 5pm (online system will CLOSE at that time!)



(Use if previously assigned a consignor #) 


(Deadline Tuesday, Sept 11th at 5 pm)


  • All new and returning consignors MUST register for each sale. (Returning consignors: use last 4 digits of phone # for password unless you previously changed it.)
  • You MUST schedule a drop-off appointment time.  This expedites the check-in process to allow for little to no wait times before having your items inspected.
  • Simply enter your inventory directly into our online system and print out tags on cardstock.  Track your sales online & get a printout of items sold.  
  • Although we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE printed tags, we will accept handwritten tags in printed tag format ONLY (see "prepare label"). Consignors with tags not entered into the new barcode system will receive a seller's report, but it will not contain a detailed description of items sold. NOTE: Consignors with handwritten tags will receive a reduced commission of 50%. Exception: Consignors automating their tags and had to do a few last minute handwritten tags will be paid at 65% for all tags.

Returning Consignors: (Important: use previously assigned consignor #)

  1. ​Use "Returning Consignor Homepage" to register for sale
  2. Click “Register For Our Upcoming Sale” and enter information
  3. Click “Update My Account Information” & make sure all info is accurate (current email address is important; change PW if desired)
  4. Click and “Select a Drop-off Appointment” (required)
  5. Can also sign up to “Volunteer To Work” @ same time (volunteers get to shop early & get best selection/deals; 10 hr volunteers earn 75% of sales)
  6. “Work With Consigned Inventory" (tag items) - Go to "Work With Inactive Inventory" to activate items you plan to bring from the previous sale (if used automated tags last sale).
  7.  "Work With My Consigned Items" to begin tagging new items or to edit and reprint previous sale tags (see "prepare label")

New Consignors: (Deadline for new seller #’s is Tuesday, Septembe 11th at 5pm - must register and have tags printed by that time.  System will close at 5pm!!)

  1. Use “New Consignor Registration” - enter info and system will assign you a consignor #
  2. System will take you to “Consignor Login” screen - Login with new consignor #
  3. Click and “Select a Drop-off Appointment” (required)
  4. Can also sign up to “Volunteer To Work” @ same time (volunteers get to shop early & get best selection/deals; 10 hr volunteers earn 75% of sales)
  5. "Work With Consigned Items" to begin tagging process (see “prepare label”)

Consignor Benefits and Information...

  • Quick and easy way to de-clutter closets and put CA$H in your pocket!
  • Receive more $'s for your quality items than selling at garage sales
  • We do the advertising and selling for you!
  • You receive a ticket to shop the pre-sale (night before open to the public)
  • Receive 65% of your total sales (when you use our online tagging system)
  • You set the selling price of your items
  • You decide if you want your items to sell at 1/2 price on final day of sale
  • You choose to pick-up or donate your leftover items 
  • You receive seller report totals throughout the sale
  • You earned it!  Checks are mailed to you within 2 weeks following the end of the sale.

Tips and Information for New and Returning Consignors...

  • Bring only first-quality new and gently used items that you would buy
  • Take time to carefully clean toys & remove any stains from clothing
  • When in doubt, leave it out!  If you think an item might not sell, it probably won't!
  • Minimum pricing is $1.00.  Group items together if necessary.
  • Be careful in pricing your items!  Items priced too high WILL NOT sell.
  • Hangers are not returned.
  • No children or strollers are allowed at pre-sales.
  • Bring a laundry basket to shop on pre-sale day.
  • Paper tags and straight pins are not permitted in tagging items.

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