Tagging Information:

Consignors must register for each sale, either as a returning consignor or a new consignor, prior to preparing tags for your items. 

Supplies Needed for Barcoded Tags:                    

Computer with Printer                                          

White 60-67# Cardstock                                     

Safety Pins                                                           



  2. Login your consignor number and password
  3. "Work With Consigned Inventory" (left side of box)
  4. "Work With Inactive Inventory" - activate previous sale's items 
  5. "Work With My Consigned Items" - to begin tagging new items or to edit and reprint previous sale's tags.
  6. Use brand name (GAP, OLD NAVY, etc.) on Description #1 and item details (Red Striped Polo Shirt) on Description #2  
  7. Click "Submit Item" after each item entered
  8. Click "I'm finished for now" when you have your items entered.  You can go in as many times as you would like to enter and print more tags.
  9. Print tags on cardstock paper: select "Print All Tags as PDF".  This will avoid partial printing of tags from page-to-page.  Additional print batches: select just the new tags to print.
  10. 6 tags print/page.  Cut and secure tag to the appropriate item.

Here are samples of what your tags will look like -  "Discounted" vs "Non-Discounted" tag.

(2 separate tags)


  1. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE automating your tags.  Handwritten tags slow down our checkout process due to having to hand enter each of these items.  Consignors receive a reduced commission of 50% for using handwritten tags.  Exception: Majority of items are automated and consignor had to do a few last minute handwritten tags.  These will be paid at full 65% commission.
  2. Complete the information on tag using a 3x5 index card (MUST look exactly like a barcoded tag, but without the barcode.  For example, "D" if you wish to donate, "No Disc." if the item will not be discounted, etc.) - SEE TAG SAMPLES ABOVE
  3. Do not include the words "PIN HERE", "Eastern Shore Kids Market", or write an "item #" on your tags.
  4. Have you registered for the sale?  Signed up for a drop-off appointment? You MUST do this by the deadline (January 23rd) in order to consign your items. The system will not accept late registrations!

Need Help?  Call Michelle @ (251) 654-6709 any time if you have questions.  I will be happy to walk you through the tagging process. 

Rules When Tagging...

  • Barcoded tags must contain good ink quality.  If you see that your tags are faint, please replace ink before proceeding.  Barcodes are not to be altered.  If you need to change tag information (price, description, size, donate, discount, etc.) after it is tagged, a new tag must be made.  Kids Market will not be responsible for altered tags.  
  • Handwritten tags must be legible and filled out exactly like a barcoded tag - see above diagram (without the barcode, of course!).  Use 3 x 5 index cards vertically or cardstock.  Kids Market will not be responsible for illegible or incomplete cards.  There is a reduced commission for handwritten tags since they have to be hand entered at checkout - 50%.
  • Price items ONLY in 50 cent units (i.e. $5.00, $5.50).  Price your items to sell!!  To determine an appropriate price, start at 1/2 of the original price and work down according to age and wear.  1/3 of the retail price is a good target range.  Items priced too high WILL NOT sell!
  • Kids Market will not accept small items valued at less than $1.00.  If you think your item is not worth a dollar, add something to it to increase its value.
  • Use the following size categories in tagging your clothing: newborn, 3mo, 6mo, 9mo, 12mo, 18mo, 24mo, 2T, 3T, 4, 5, 6, 6x(girls), 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20.  Juniors for girls must be sized 0,1,3,5,7,9,11 and 13.   Only use S, M, L or XL for maternity clothes.  No ladies' clothing will be accepted (i.e. sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 etc.).
  • Hang clothes on appropriate-sized hangers, facing left like a question mark.  No kids hangers on sizes 7 and up.
  • Pin index card to top, right corner of the garment, when it is facing you, with a safety pin. NO STRAIGHT PINS PLEASE.  The pin should be placed in the "PIN HERE" area.  If you do not have a clip-type hanger for pants, skirts and shorts, then pin them to the top slanted part of the hanger - zipper facing front.  SEE DIAGRAM BELOW.
  • Place any loose pieces or parts in a ziploc bag and SECURELY fasten the bag to the main item using clear packing tape, rubber band, safety pin, etc.  Do not use scotch tape to secure toys.
  • Place other items, such as shoes, sheets, belts, etc. in ziploc bags.  Include a completed tag in each bag.  Be prepared to open bags at check-in for quality check.
  • Half-price sale tagging: Items not sold by 6 p.m. on Friday may be included in a 1/2 price sale on Saturday.  If you wish for any of your items to remain at full price during the 1/2 price sale, the barcode MUST have "No Disc." (no discount) to the right of the price.  SEE ABOVE DIAGRAM.  RECOMMENDATION: Selling the remainder of your items at 1/2 price means more $$'s for you.

FAQ’s for Barcoding

Why do we need to print barcoded tags?  To scan them at checkout, which increases the speed and accuracy for consignors and shoppers.  Ability to track your sales online.  Detailed list of what sold!

What about 1/2 price items?  You must "Check to Discount" when you are on the "Work With Consigned Items" tagging screen if you want your items to sell at 1/2 price. 

What if I want my item to stay at regular price during the 1/2 price sale?  Do not check the "Check to Discount" box.  Your barcode area will include your consignor #, price, and No Disc. (no discount) on your tag. 

Why doesn't my barcode label say "Discount" when I clicked "Check to Discount"?  Barcodes that allow discount will only show the ID# and price.

How will I get the barcoded tags?  Consignors print their tags at home using 60-67# cardstock.

What if I don’t have a printer at home?  How can I print my tags? You can access your consignor account from any computer.  Ask a friend that has a printer or use the library.  Remember: Provide them with your own supply of cardstock before you start printing.

Do I need to enter all of my items at one time? No.  You may enter as few or as many items as you would like at one time.

What if I need more tags?  Simply login to "RETURNING CONSIGNOR HOMEPAGE", click on "Work With My Consigned Items (Active Inventory)", enter new inventory items, and select only those new items to print. 

What if I want to change the price, description, size, donate, or the discount status on my tag?  A new tag must be made!  Do not cross through the preprinted prices on the barcodes.  Go back to the item and click on "edit".  Click to reprint just that item.  The barcodes will be voided if any alterations are made to the computerized area.  ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD PER THE BARCODE PRICE.

Can I reprint a tag(s)?  Yes!  Check the box beside the item(s) you would like to reprint and print your new tag.  

What do I do if part of my tag is printing on a separate page?  Click “Print All Tags as PDF” as your print method.  This should correct the problem.


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